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Why Every Fuel Delivery Customer Needs to Consider a Budget Plan

If you’re a heating oil delivery customer on Cape Cod or Southeastern MA, you may have heard how budget plans can help combat the unpredictability of every change in fuel prices. By choosing a budget plan, you can spread your energy costs across a 12-month period for more manageable heating bills throughout the winter as […]

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Budget Plans 101

August is here! Which means two things: Cape Cod residents are enjoying the last weeks of summer and heating oil budget plans for the 2019-2020 season are open for enrollment. What does one have to do with the other? Signing up for a heating oil budget plan now is the best way to prepare for […]

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Make Your Annual Fuel Bill More Predictable

As temperatures rise, don’t let winter fuel costs weigh you down. Now is the best time to think ahead and consider Falmouth Energy’s budget plan for your home. Don’t stress about the cost of heat in your home when there are burgers to be flipped and footballs to be tossed! Making Your Fuel Bills More […]

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