Why Choose Falmouth Energy

Choosing your home comfort provider is no light task. Whoever you work with has a direct impact on your household spending, your family’s comfort and safety, and overall daily life. Don’t pick just anyone! Seek out an experienced energy company that you can really count on from season to season. That’s where Falmouth Energy comes in.

The Value of Full-Service Energy

Unlike discount oil providers that only offer heating fuel delivery, Falmouth Energy is a true full-service energy provider. This means we have the capacity to go above and beyond for our customers. Along with heating oil, Bioheat® fuel, and diesel delivery services, Falmouth Energy offers heating and A/C equipment installation, HVAC repairs, indoor air quality services, flexible fuel payment plans, comprehensive service plans, and 24-hour emergency service. Can a standard delivery-oil company do that?

Most importantly, Falmouth Energy takes care to ensure that our prices are appropriately competitive. We may not have the cheapest price per gallon on the Internet, but the rates we do charge are designed to reflect the quality heating fuel and HVAC services our customers have access to 24/7/365.

Discount Delivery-Only

  • No emergency service
  • No technicians
  • Will-call only delivery

Experience the difference for yourself! Contact Falmouth Energy to learn more about our heating oil, Bioheat® fuel, diesel, HVAC installations, repairs, and more.