How You Can Budget for Your Fuel Better on Cape Cod

During the peak winter months, the cost of fuel can strain families’ budgets, and then once winter is over you might stress less about your household bills. But what if there was a way to stress less all year long, even during the coldest months? At Falmouth Energy, we’re dedicated to providing our Cape Cod customers with easy and affordable ways to pay for their fuel. That’s because we believe everyone deserves to stay warm during the winter without worry.

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What Is a Budget Plan?

Our budget plan spreads your home heating oil payments out over the entire year. The budget plan is designed to add predictability to your annual fuel costs. Instead of high bills in the winter and low bills in the summer, you make even monthly payments spaced throughout the year. By choosing to spread your total fuel costs for the year over twelve months, you’ll enjoy lower winter heating bills and more convenient monthly budgeting all year long. To calculate your monthly payment, we’ll estimate your annual fuel usage based on previous history and projected prices. Then, we will take that total and divide it into twelve equal installments.

The Major Benefits of a Budget Plan

The cost of oil in the winter can be expensive, and the weather can be especially unpredictable during peak winter months. Rather than paying thousands of dollars for fuel over the span of a couple of months, you can pay bit by bit throughout the year. These monthly payments will all be equal, predictable, and low enough to fit into your monthly spending plan. You can look forward to having a more flexible budget in the winter and less stress over heating bills.

The major benefits of this payment plan include…

  • Simple and predictable heating bills
  • Low monthly payments
  • Easier household budgeting

Why Should You Enroll in a Budget Plan This Year?

You can enroll any time with Falmouth Energy! Our budget plan allows you to avoid paying high heating bills during peak winter months and makes your payments more manageable by spreading them out over the course of the year. Take control of your fuel costs by signing up for your budget plan today. If you have questions about the 12-month budget plan or would like to enroll, contact Falmouth Energy online or call (508) 548-3200.