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Top 4 Reasons to Replace Your Cape Cod Hot Water Heater This Year

November 16, 2020

Has your hot water heater seen better days? Maybe your showers aren’t as hot as they used to be or it takes longer to warm up the sink when you’re doing dishes. If this sounds all too familiar, you should consider upgrading your hot water heater this fall. Investing in a new high-efficiency hot water […]

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Myths Busted about Automatic Fuel Delivery

October 30, 2020

The warmth of summer has gone, and colder weather is certainly ahead of us. Have you thought about fuel for your heating system? When we get our first big Massachusetts cold snap, don’t worry about scrambling to order fuel at the last minute. Take one more chore off your to-do list and go with auto […]

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Your Ultimate Home Comfort Unit: The Ductless Mini-Split

September 24, 2020

As leaves start to fall, pumpkin spice makes its way into grocery stores, and sweater weather is nearly upon us, many Greater Falmouth, MA homeowners are starting to think about heating their homes for the fall and winter season. Have you considered how you’d like to keep your home warm during the transitional season? If […]

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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Heating Oil System

August 25, 2020

Not only does your heating equipment affect the comfort of your home, but also your household spending. A high-efficiency heating system will prove to you its ability to operate safely while also saving you money. Yet, it can be tricky to determine whether or not your existing system needs to be replaced. When Is It […]

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Fuel Oil Budget Plan Details for Cape Cod Homeowners

July 29, 2020

As a homeowner or business owner on Cape Cod, you deserve dependable fuel oil delivery service at a great price. If you’re sick of paying high winter heating oil bills over the span of a few short holiday months, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our home heating oil budget plan is simple and […]

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Ductless Air Conditioning in the Cape Cod Area

June 11, 2020

Ductless air conditioning systems have been growing in popularity during recent months. Why are they becoming so popular and how do they operate without ductwork? A ductless system, or mini-split, is comprised of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. The unit inside is installed high on the wall of the room, or […]

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Protect Your Oil Tank When the Weather Gets Warm

May 13, 2020

We’re starting to see familiar signs of spring here on the Cape. If you use Bioheat® heating oil in your home, your oil tank is probably the last thing on your mind when the weather starts to warm up. But did you know that it is actually very important to keep fuel in your oil […]

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Celebrating Earth Day with Safe Delivery of Clean Bioheat® Fuel

April 15, 2020

Spring brings all sorts of things on the Cape, like April showers, May flowers, surprise cold snaps, and everything in between. During unpredictable spring weather homeowners still depend on Bioheat® fuel to keep their families safe and comfortable. That’s where Falmouth Energy comes in. We are proud to deliver high-quality Bioheat® fuel to our customers […]

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Don’t Let This Happen to Your Heating Oil Storage Tank on Cape Cod

March 31, 2020

Home heating oil is a top fuel choice for homeowners on Cape Cod, Massachusetts—and for good reason! It’s a safe, affordable, abundant fuel, and recent advancements are making it cleaner and greener than ever. Just like with any home heating fuel, it’s important to be aware of your heating equipment: and there’s one thing you […]

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Keeping Your Family Safe from COVID-19 on Cape Cod

March 26, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to spread within our community, and we know it is affecting many of you personally, professionally, and financially. Here at Falmouth Energy we provide an essential service for the community and will continue to operate and adhere to the recommendations provided to us from local, state, and federal agencies. That […]

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