Signals Your Cape Cod Property Needs a New Heating System

Ideally, your heating system keeps your home or business warm and safe and meets your budget. But the cold weather months are still an excellent time to look for signs that upgrading your system before the next winter could be a smart move. You’ll avoid the frustration of installing new equipment due to a system failure, have time to research your options, and be ready for the next cold season with a comfortable, energy-efficient heating system.

Falmouth Energy offers state-of-the-art gas boilers and furnaces for properties throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Our heating experts can help determine whether you’ll need a new system soon, starting with these red flags to watch for.

4 Warning Signs You May Need a New Heating System

  1. Decreased Efficiency – Aging systems tend to be less efficient, and one key symptom is increased fuel usage. While extreme weather conditions or additional people in your home can also cause an uptick in fuel usage, consistently using more fuel signals your equipment’s operational capacity may be waning.
  2. Uneven Heating – An upgrade may be in order when your system isn’t keeping all areas of your space warm. Apart from heat rising to upper floors, your heating system should keep all rooms in your home or business equally comfortable.
  3. Abnormal Odors or Sounds – You’ll overlook the sound of an efficient system working in the background. But older systems may produce foreign humming, banging, or clunking that’s atypical and causes concern. Likewise, be aware of any unusual odors coming from your heating system.
  4. Frequent Repairs – An increasing number of breakdowns resulting in service calls is typical when heating equipment wears out. Investing in a new high-efficiency system can save you from the headaches and costs involved in repetitive repairs.

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