Automatic Delivery

Do you heat your Cape Cod home or business with heating oil? Skip the stress of manually managing your fuel oil orders. Instead, enroll in our automatic delivery service and leave the rest to the professionals. Falmouth Energy automatic oil delivery is designed for total customer convenience. We will monitor your fuel oil usage and make deliveries as needed–no need to pick up the phone!

How Does Automatic Oil Delivery Work?

Falmouth Energy relies on the best available technology to customize your fuel delivery. We utilize a Johnson Degree Day Meter that tracks the outside temperature every 15 seconds. This information is then entered into our software system and the result is accurate, on-time heating oil deliveries to your home or business—so you don’t have to worry about remembering to order fuel.


Why Should I Sign Up?

Automatic oil delivery is convenient and affordable. Customers that enroll in our auto delivery program benefit from these important perks:

  • Greater protection from run outs
  • More efficient fuel deliveries
  • No additional fees
  • Complete convenience!


If you prefer, we also offer will-call fuel delivery service. Please allow two to three days for this option. The best time to order is when your tank gauge reads between ½ and ¼, and the minimum order quantity is 100 gallons. Volume discounts are available for orders over 250 gallons.

Contact the energy experts at Falmouth Energy to learn more about automatic heating oil delivery on Cape Cod.