Make Your Annual Fuel Bill More Predictable

As temperatures rise, don’t let winter fuel costs weigh you down. Now is the best time to think ahead and consider Falmouth Energy’s budget plan for your home. Don’t stress about the cost of heat in your home when there are burgers to be flipped and footballs to be tossed!

Making Your Fuel Bills More Predictable:

How It Works:

Our budget plan is created with you in mind. The process is simple:

  • We look at your fuel use over the course of the year
  • Your annual use is divided over 12-months
  • The 12 monthly payments will be the same each time, adding predictability to your plan

We also offer an automatic payment plan option, which means we will directly withdraw from your bank account, so you never have to wonder if you made your payment or not.

Why Sign Up for a Budget Plan?

Enjoy the simple things in a simple way by managing your fuel bills through our budget plan.  Other benefits include:

  • One easy payment
  • Save on annual energy bills
  • Gain peace of mind all year

What Next?

Learn about the company, its decades of service, and how a representative can help you start your budget plan! Contact us today to get started!