Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Warmer weather is here to stay! While higher temperatures are great for hitting the beach here in Cape Cod, they can put a strain on your cooling system. Help your air conditioner work smarter, not harder, this summer with these money-saving tricks that will reduce your energy use and lower home comfort bills.

Top 3 Money & Energy Saving Tips for Summer:

1. Schedule your A/C tune-up

Yearly maintenance for your cooling equipment offers many benefits such as extending your system’s lifespan, minimizing the risk of breakdowns, and improving your home’s comfort. But did you know that this annual checkup can help you save money, too? Professional maintenance will keep your A/C running efficiently, which can lower your summer energy costs by up to 10%. Have your unit’s filters cleaned or replaced and raise your savings another 5-10%!

2. Invest in an upgrade

How old is your current cooling system? If you are using an older model, you are missing out on serious long-term savings. Higher efficiency equipment produces lower energy output, which translates to lower energy bills. When you upgrade to a high-efficiency cooling system, you will not only cut annual costs but also benefit from added perks like improved indoor air quality and added value to your home.

3. Sign up for a service plan

Protect your wallet from unexpected breakdown expenses by enrolling in a cooling maintenance plan. As a service plan holder, you can take advantage of benefits like repair discounts, priority service, and safety inspections. A combination of these services will keep your A/C operating at peak performance. You’ll save money down the road and in the case of a surprise malfunction. It’s a win-win!

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When you care for your cooling system, you’ll reap the rewards. Add these life hacks to your daily summer routine to reduce energy use even further:

  • Cook outdoors
  • Close your curtains
  • Use ceiling fans
  • Seal drafts

Contact your local HVAC experts at Falmouth Energy to start saving this summer!