Protect Your Oil Tank from the Summer Heat

While you’re enjoying your summer days by the pool or at the beach with friends and family, your fuel tank might be sitting at home slowly corroding from the heat and humidity. Most homeowners don’t realize that this damage caused by summer weather can lead to costly leaks or early tank replacement. Here are a few ways you can take care of your oil tank during the summer.

Understand Your Oil Tank

So, how does summer weather lead to potential oil tank damage? Hot and humid weather, especially in New England, will cause excess moisture and condensation in your tank. This moisture and condensation can create buildup in your tank. This buildup is particularly problematic, because it can corrode your oil tank from the inside. The easiest way to avoid this entirely, is to keep your oil tank full all year long.

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Filling Up Your Tank

Scheduling an oil delivery during the off-season is a one-step solution with many extra benefits, like:

  • Prevent buildup
    Filling your fuel tank is the best way to prevent damage during the summer. A full tank has less space for harmful moisture and condensation to collect.
  • Reduce the risk of leaks and property damage
    A corroding oil tank is a threat to your home’s security. This can cause a leak, which is a safety hazard that can lead to significant damage. Not to mention, leaks can be very expensive to clean up!
  • Save with off-season fuel prices
    Heating oil is typically cheaper during the warmer months. By ordering oil now, you can spend less to fill your tank and enjoy quick, convenient delivery. Once temperatures start to drop and your neighbors are all scrambling for deliveries, you’ll be happy that you planned ahead.

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