Getting Your Summer Home Ready Takes Some Doing

You’re ready for summer, but is your Cape Cod vacation home ready? Snow, wind, high tides, and ice can cause damage over the winter. Before you open your summer home, there are helpful and preventative steps to take.

Helpful Tips When Getting Your Summer Home Ready for the Season:

Start with a walkthrough.

On the outside of your home, do you see any damage – loose wires, rusted or dislocated pipes, broken A/C equipment, or rotting window frames? This is an opportunity to jot down notes to give the licensed technician or plumber when they arrive for your annual inspection. Make an appointment before your walkthrough so you can handle repairs right away if needed.

  • Check the fuel levels of your oil tank and place an order if need be.
  • If you turned the water off for the winter, remember to turn it on after checking the pipes.
  • Do the same with the electricity after checking the wires.

On the inside of your home, look for water damage that may have occurred in the ceiling or walls. Take a look to make sure there is no damage in these problem areas:

  • under sinks,
  • in drains,
  • near showerhead fixtures, or
  • around toilets.

Then, take a closer look.

Turn on the heating and cooling systems to see if they are running smoothly. The water should be turned on before you start the water heater. A technician will check for worn filters, perform an overall tune-up, and let you know of other needed updates.

We sometimes forget to change the batteries in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flashlights. See if outlets are working, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

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Sit back and enjoy the summer!

Your annual inspection will add to the longevity of your home and many worry-free summers.

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