October Energy-Savings Tips in Greater Falmouth, Massachusetts

Just because October is spooky doesn’t mean your heating bills have to be! At Falmouth Energy, we’re here to deliver total home comfort to your Cape Cod, Massachusetts home—and that includes affordable home heating. This fall season, use the industry tips below to reduce your Greater Falmouth energy usage and save more money on MA home heating.

Seasonal Energy-Saving Tips for Cape Cod, MA Homes

  • Reduce your thermostat overnight or while you’re away from the house. Each degree can save you 1-2% on home heating throughout the cold season, which can really add up over time.
  • Schedule an annual boiler heating tune-up. Many homeowners skip this important annual heating maintenance. Booking just one yearly tune-up for your oil-fired boiler will boost its efficiency, save you money on heating oil, reduce your need for HVAC repairs, and ease your mind.

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  • Use a humidifier to “warm” the air in your Cape Cod home. While a humidifier doesn’t actually raise the temperature of your home, the moisture in the air makes the temperature feel warmer. This makes your home feel several degrees warmer without using up the heating oil in your oil tank. 
  • Avoid cranking up the heat. Many of us arrive home after a cold day and consider upping the thermostat to heat our homes more quickly. But remember, your oil-fired boiler will heat your MA home at the same rate whether the temperature is set to 68° or 80°. Instead, consider bundling up in a cozy sweater or installing a programmable thermostat.
  • Run your ceiling fan wisely. We’ve all accidentally changed the fan blade rotation while we were trying to change the speed of our ceiling fan. But did you know that switching the rotation can help distribute the warm air in your Cape Cod home? The trick is to switch the rotation to a slow clockwise one, pushing the warm air back down to your living space.

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