Get Ready for This Heating Season

As another summer comes to a close, it’s time to welcome cooler temperatures. You may be ready for the change in seasons, but is your home?

Check out these six quick and easy tips for getting your property ready for the fall, so you can be worry-free when the cold weather comes.

6 Ways to Get Your Cape Cod Home Ready for Winter:

1. Winterize Your Windows and Doors.

Swap out your screens for storm windows and doors. Also check around the window and door frames for any cracks or leaks and seal them with caulk ahead of time
to avoid cold air drafts.

2. Drain Hoses and Irrigation Systems.

Your home isn’t the only place that needs attention before cold weather—your yard needs some TLC, too. Be sure to drain all hoses and store them inside. Turn off any exterior faucets. If you have an irrigation system, drain those hoses as well and tag any sprinkler heads for snow removal purposes.

3. Protect Your A/C System.

If you have a central air conditioner system, be sure to cover any outdoor units for the winter.

4. Schedule Your System Efficiency Tune-Up.

Don’t wait until your heating system is working full time to schedule a tune-up. Getting a System Efficiency Tune-Up performed by a skilled Falmouth Energy technician in advance of the heating season ensures that your system will run effectively and efficiently all winter long. Plus, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills and a warmer, more comfortable home.

5. Enroll in an Efficiency Oilheat Service Plan.

Keep your heating system running in peak condition and prevent unforeseen costly breakdowns with an affordable Efficiency Oilheat Service Plan for your oil-fired heating system.

6. Schedule a Fuel Delivery.

Is there enough fuel in your tank to get you through the first stretch of cold weather? If you’re a Falmouth Energy oil delivery customer on will call, don’t wait until it’s too late to place your order!


Ready to schedule your tune-up or sign up for a comprehensive service plan? Need to schedule a fuel delivery? Contact us today!