Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to make sure your home cooling equipment is delivering the comfort you deserve all season long. No matter the age, size, or efficiency of your A/C, having an HVAC professional perform a tune-up just once a year can make a significant difference.

Why A/C Tuneups Are So Important:

  • Safety

    When a technician performs your annual tune-up, making sure all components of the equipment are running safely is the number one priority. Whether parts need to be repaired or replaced, or a technician adjusts a few components, trust that your equipment is ready to operate properly for the long, hot summer ahead.

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  • Efficiency

    New models of A/C systems boast high efficiencies, allowing you to use the equipment to your preference without overspending on home energy costs. You can improve the efficiency of your existing equipment—and save money when it comes to your summer energy bills—with a simple annual maintenance visit from a trained professional.

  • Longevity

    Have you recently purchased in a new air conditioning system for your home? An annual tune-up will help keep it running efficiently to capitalize on your investment and extend the life of your equipment. Even if you have an older cooling system that is able to keep your home cool, a tune-up each summer can allow a few more years of operation before it’s time to install a new A/C system.

  • Comfort

    Don’t settle for out-of-date A/C units that use excess energy without delivering the comfort you expect. Get the most out of your air conditioning equipment when it is tuned up at the beginning of each summer, and keep your home cool when the weather outside heats up.

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Haven’t scheduled your air conditioning system maintenance this summer? Don’t sweat it! Let the experts at Falmouth Energy handle it. Contact us today.