The Year-Round Perks of Ductless A/C Heat Pump Systems

Here in New England the weather keeps us guessing. A sticky August afternoon can quickly turn into an unseasonably chilly evening. What if there were a versatile system that could adjust to both with ease? Good news! There is: the ductless mini-split system. This energy-efficient equipment offers both cooling and heating features to keep your family comfortable from season to season.

How Does It Work?

A ductless mini-split system’s primary use is for cooling. It is made up of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that work together to evenly cool your home. The indoor units are sleek in design and can be attached to whichever wall you choose. If temperatures drop before your full heating system is ready to work each fall, the ductless mini-split heat pump component can evenly distribute warm air as well. In the winter months this option also can help offset fuel bills.

What Are the Benefits?

Easy Installation
No ductwork required! In the summer months, you can enjoy even cooling throughout your home without springing for expensive central air.

Year-Round Savings
Say goodbye to energy-sucking window units! New high-efficiency systems require less energy to output cool or warm air. When you make the switch, you can significantly reduce your annual home comfort costs.

Lower Energy Use
Higher efficiency equipment means less energy used. Your wallet and the environment will benefit from reduced carbon emissions.

Total Convenience
With just the click of a button you can cool or heat certain rooms in your home. Many ductless mini-split systems come with remote control features so that you can adjust zone temperatures from any part of the house.

Improved Air Quality
Allergens are in the air! Installing a new ductless mini-split system can lower the amount of common particles and debris typically found in household air.

Keep your family comfortable all year long with a ductless mini-split system. Contact us to learn more and schedule your installation today!