Benefits of Replacing Your Fuel Tank in Massachusetts

Home heating oil is a top fuel choice for homeowners in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod area—and for good reason! It’s a safe, affordable, abundant fuel, and recent advancements are making it more eco-conscious than ever. Just like with any home heating fuel, it’s critical to be aware of your heating equipment and, more importantly, know when it’s time for an oil tank replacement. Keep reading to learn why Falmouth Energy recommends replacing your old heating oil tank with Roth double-walled tanks to increase safety, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Why Do Oil Storage Tanks Need Replacement?

Over time, heating oil tanks degrade and wear thin. Upon our experts’ visual inspections, Falmouth Energy can gauge the integrity of your oil tank and determine whether or not it needs replacement. Our recommended double-wall Roth tanks are known for their reliable construction, safety, and durability. Comprised of leak-proof, weld-free, galvanized steel, and roll-seamed with an oil and fire-resistant seal, these top-of-the-line Roth tanks are the perfect choice for upgrading your aging oil heating equipment and avoiding many common fuel storage tank issues.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Oil Heat Tank

Falmouth Energy makes upgrading your oil heating storage tank easier than ever for our Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod customers with Roth tank replacements that are the best-rated in the industry. In addition to helping your home heating be more energy efficient, oil tank replacements can increase the safety of your home, reduce the environmental impact of your energy usage, and help you to save on your monthly energy bills, especially during the winter heating season.

Energy Efficiency:

It’s no secret that upgrading your heating oil tank can help your heating system last longer, run better, and save money. The high-efficiency Roth double-wall oil tank model is built to last, and with regular annual service, its lifespan will be a significant upgrade for your home heating needs and your overall home value, comfort, and savings.

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Environmentally Conscious:

Did you know that new oil tanks help prevent leaks? One of the most troublesome issues that older oil storage tanks can encounter is rusting and leaking tanks. Unfortunately, many signs of aging oil tanks, such as rust, occur within the tanks, invisible to homeowners. Although Falmouth’s technicians can detect this issue during your annual maintenance service, a damaged tank may begin to leak, causing an environmental hazard or costly clean up. However, a new Roth double-walled oil tank is constructed with leak-resistant technology and environmental benefits in mind.


Worry less about having a heating malfunction in the middle of winter. New double-walled Roth oil tank replacements can help to ensure you will have fewer heating issues throughout the seasons. This increased reliability means the likelihood of a mid-heating season breakdown reduces significantly. Older tanks, regardless of maintenance, are more prone to failures. Replacing your tank as it approaches 15 years old with a Roth model is the best way to ensure the reliability of your home heating and safety for your property and your family each winter.


When you upgrade your oil tank, you’ll benefit from increased financial security. Falmouth Energy customers who replace their 15+-year-old oil tank significantly reduce the risk of a costly oil leak. Thinking of getting a new oil storage tank replacement in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts? Contact or call Falmouth Energy today at (508) 548-3200 to get started!

Schedule an Oil Tank Safety Inspection and Get an Estimate on a Replacement Tank

Falmouth Energy’s team of qualified HVAC technicians will be more than happy to come to inspect your Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod home heating system or give you an estimate on a new Roth heating oil tank replacement. Simply give us a call at (508) 548-3200, or contact us online to make sure your home and family are safe and protected with a Roth double-walled oil tank that is built to last.