How to Prepare for Your Next Cape Cod Heating Oil Delivery

In the Cape Cod area, we all know exactly how bad winter can get. At Falmouth Energy, we’re New Englanders just like you, and when it comes to snow, ice, and wind, there isn’t much we haven’t seen. To ensure you’re ready for heating season, it’s important to schedule your next heating oil delivery before you run out of fuel. This avoids a heatless headache for you and makes it easier for us. Keep reading to learn the best way to prepare your home on the Cape for an oil delivery from our dedicated drivers at Falmouth Energy.

Oil Delivery Safety Tips for Winter in Cape Cod

Wondering what exactly you should do to in preparation for your next heating oil delivery? Check out the simple guide below to learn everything you need to do to keep your property protected and our delivery drivers as safe as possible.

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The Top 5 Tips for Smooth Fuel Deliveries in MA

  • Check your tank’s location: Confirming your tank’s location in your home is a great first step to ensuring your next heating oil delivery will go smoothly. Before we come to deliver your oil, we need to know where your tank is located in your home and the location of the fill position.
  • Clear a path to your fill pipe: Decluttering the area around your tank’s fill position is necessary, so your delivery driver can give you oil. Make sure to cut back any shrubbery, remove personal property and garbage, and clear away snow.
  • Clear your driveway of debris: Be sure to clear your driveway and sidewalk. This is a must since your delivery driver will have to park their truck and carry the fuel hose to your tank’s fill position. Slippery leaves, snow, ice, parked cars, and debris are all potential obstructions.
  • Keep safety in mind: Keep your pets away from the tank’s fill position. This is for their safety as well as the safety of the delivery driver. If you have a gate or fence that must be unlocked to access the fill position, please note that ahead of time.
  • Examine tank: Check out your tank to make sure it appears in good condition. Unstable legs, excessive rust, and dark spots are indications that you may need to give us a call for service.

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The experts in heating oil delivery and HVAC services at fuel service at Falmouth Energy would love to help you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is looking forward to providing you with top-notch service, including oil that will keep your home warm no matter what Old Man Winter decides to throw at us. We’ve been in business for over a century and are proudly family owned and operated. If you aren’t a customer already, become one today and see everything that Falmouth Energy has to offer!