Advantages of Bioheat® Fuel for Your Cape Cod Home

You’ve probably heard that Bioheat® fuel is all the rage now in the home heating fuels industry. This clean, green home heating fuel comes with many benefits. It’s hard to pass up on choosing Bioheat® fuel for heating your home. Bioheat® fuel is one of our planet’s most sustainable fuels. Made from recycled materials and renewable resources, eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel burns more cleanly than traditional petroleum oil. At Falmouth Energy, we’re proud delivery providers of Bioheat® fuel. We want to give you the rundown on why you should choose this awesome alternative fuel to keep your home toasty warm during our long Cape Cod winters.

Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel

Bioheat® fuel’s advantages are endless. With this sustainable fuel, you’ll get across-the-board benefits, including environmental perks and consumer advantages.

Consumer Benefits

  • Bioheat® fuel, which doesn’t require expensive equipment conversions, is usable at no additional cost in existing heating fuel systems.
  • Bioheat® fuel burns more cleanly so your system operates at peak efficiency.
  • Bioheat® fuel provides a more efficient burn for reduced consumption, saving you money!
  • Bioheat® fuel helps extend your heating equipment’s life.

Environmental Benefits

  • As a low-carbon heating fuel, Bioheat® fuel contributes to reducing carbon emissions every day.
  • Bioheat® fuel releases fewer GHG and carbon emissions.
  • By 2050, Bioheat® fuel will reach net-zero emissions.
  • Bioheat® fuel biodegrades quickly and is virtually sulfur-free.

Order Bioheat® Fuel Today

We at Falmouth Energy have been serving Cape Cod communities for over a century. When you order Bioheat® fuel from us, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best of the best. All our heating oil contains a premium additive formulated for eliminating the inconveniences of dirty burner nozzles, plugged fuel filters, and blocked fuel lines. You can expect your delivery to arrive on schedule. Better yet, you can sign up for our automatic delivery, and we’ll take care of everything for you. Order Bioheat® fuel today to get your fall fill. ­