Don’t Get Left in the Cold This Winter

Help us serve you better this winter! Falmouth Energy always works hard to keep you prepared for the seasons, but if you’d like to be even more ready, follow these simple tips. They will help keep you and your MA home ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us this year!

Three Steps to a Safe Season:

1. Enroll in Automatic Oil Delivery

Don’t get stuck without oil this winter! Automatic delivery is the best way to make sure your home stays safe, warm, and secure through the seasons. Not only does a full tank prevent internal corrosion, but running out of oil can be dangerous for your home and family. Discomfort is the least of your worries, as frozen pipes can burst and cause expensive water damage. Lower the chances of needing emergency service by enrolling in automatic fuel delivery today: simply contact Falmouth!

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2. Shovel a Path to Your Oil Fill Pipe

Please do our technicians a favor by shoveling a path to your oil fill pipe. This allows our technicians to deliver oil safely to your home, and also reduces any delay in delivery. You will receive your fuel oil order quickly, providing you uninterrupted comfort.

3. Clear Your Driveway of Snow and Ice

Similarly to the above, clearing your driveway of snow and ice allows our certified technicians to deliver your heating oil order more smoothly and efficiently. Our delivery team will be very grateful for your clear driveway so they can get to the fill pipe, and you get the added bonus of having a clear path in case you want to leave your house.

Thank You for Your Assistance!

We value every member of the Falmouth family, and we appreciate your assistance in helping yourself and our oil delivery drivers to stay safe this winter. We at Falmouth would like to wish you a very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! We look forward to providing you and your family with top quality fuel delivery and HVAC services for many years to come.