4 Reasons to Sign up for Automatic Delivery

Fall has arrived on Cape Cod, which means MA homeowners are gearing up for another New England winter. Now is the ideal time to start prepping your home for the heating season. Most autumn to-do lists include scheduling a heating tune-up, sealing up drafts, unpacking cold weather clothes, and stocking up for football Sunday. But what if we told you signing up for automatic delivery should move up to #1?

Customers that enroll in automatic delivery take advantage of total convenience all winter long. In one easy step, you can arrange your heating oil deliveries for the entire season thanks to Falmouth Energy’s reliable tank monitoring system.

How Does It Work?

Our Johnson Degree Day Meter tracks outdoor temperatures every 15 seconds. We use this data along with your historical daily usage to effectively anticipate when it’s time to fill your oil tank. You will receive accurate on-schedule deliveries without even picking up the phone!

Reasons to Sign Up

1. Smarter Spending

Let us help you make the most of your heating season budget. Falmouth Energy will make a custom delivery schedule based on your unique usage. This way, your tank will be filled more efficiently which will translate into lower annual heating costs.

2. Greater Peace of Mind

When you enroll in automatic delivery, you are taking the best step toward preventing a no-fuel emergency. Running out of heating oil can cause unnecessary risk and costly damage. With Falmouth Energy monitoring your tank level*, the likelihood of a no-fuel situation decreases tenfold.

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3. Less Hassle

Skip the stress that comes with calling in fuel deliveries and making room for them in your busy schedule. We will closely monitor the outdoor temperatures to determine when you’ll need your next heating oil delivery. No need to be home!

4. Improved Efficiency

Automatic delivery is all about efficiency. With this system in place, you can trust that your oil tank is being filled as efficiently as possible. In turn, managing your home comfort service will become even more efficient too. It’s a win-win!

Contact the heating oil delivery experts at Falmouth Energy to learn more about becoming an automatic delivery customer!


*Safety Reminder: Automatic delivery customers should periodically check their tank fuel gauge as an additional safety precaution. Any cause for an increase in fuel usage (like additional household members) should be shared with your energy provider.