Does the Heating System in Your MA Home Need an Upgrade?

It’s the middle of winter in Southern Massachusetts, and your home heating equipment is likely working hard to keep you cozy; however, have you ever wondered if you’re maximizing your household spending budget? Your heating system affects how much money you have left in your pockets each month, and upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system can mean both an increase in safety and cost savings. But how can you tell it’s time to retire your existing system for a newer model? More often than not, your equipment will tell you, so if you are between annual tune-ups from your Falmouth Energy HVAC specialist, keep reading to learn five tell-tale signs that it is time for an upgrade.

5 Signs It’s Time for An Upgrade

1. Unfamiliar Noises or Smells

It’s normal for your heating system to make noise, but if you start to hear out-of-the-ordinary humming, banging, or clunking coming from your heating system, or if you start to smell something near your heating system or vents, then it could be time for a replacement.

2. Uneven Distribution of Heat

When heating equipment is in decline, the thermostat might read one temperature, but heat is not reaching all areas of your home equally, leaving you with some rooms that feel chilly while others are too toasty. Upgrading to a new, high-efficiency system helps eliminate this problem and keep you comfortable in every area of your home.

3. Costlier Energy Bills

If you have noticed your heating costs climb without reason, these increases could be a symptom of decreased fuel economy. With new, high-efficiency models reaching ratings of up to 95, upgrading is a way to keep more money in your pockets every month.

4. Dusty or Dry Indoor Air Quality

Excess dust or drastic changes in air humidity can be the result of an ineffective heating system. Regular maintenance will ensure clean filters and improve indoor air quality, but if you have been keeping up with maintenance without noticing much of a difference, then it might be time for an upgrade.

5. Increased Need for Repairs

Like any piece of machinery, your heating equipment will suffer from more breakdowns as years of wear and tear go by. Instead of spending your money on recurring repair visits, invest in a new high-efficiency system for ultimate value.

Contact Falmouth Energy to Upgrade and for All Your Energy Needs 

The Falmouth Energy team wants to ensure your home stays cozy and comfortable for the rest of this heating season and heating seasons to come. If your current boiler or furnace exhibits any or all of these symptoms, get in touch to receive a free estimate on a new high-efficiency heating system. Also, if you ever find yourself in a no-heat emergency, contact us immediately, day or night, at (508)-548-3200.