Your Ultimate Home Comfort Unit: The Ductless Mini-Split

As leaves start to fall, pumpkin spice makes its way into grocery stores, and sweater weather is nearly upon us, many Greater Falmouth, MA homeowners are starting to think about heating their homes for the fall and winter season. Have you considered how you’d like to keep your home warm during the transitional season? If you’re interested in finding a solution that can provide your home with the supplemental warmth and home comfort you and your family need, contact Falmouth Energy for a no-obligation quote on a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system. This all-in-one feature provides both supplemental heating capabilities and convenient cooling functionalities for a year-round appliance that will provide you with premium comfort throughout the seasons.

How Does a Ductless Mini-Split System Work?

A ductless mini-split is a sleek HVAC appliance that can be installed on any wall and provides remote heating and cooling with the touch of a button. There’s no messy ductwork required, no window units to lug in and out of storage each year, and no oil or propane deliveries required for the units to operate.

Why Should I Add One to My Massachusetts Home?

This time of year is the perfect season to add a ductless mini-split to your Cape Cod home. By adding your unit now, you’ll be able to turn it on whenever you need a little supplementary warmth, without turning on your entire home heating system. Plus, when spring and summer roll around, you’ll be able to use the cooling function for some additional cold air when the temperatures start to heat up! Plus, enjoy all these perks and benefits that our customers love:

  • One-touch heating and cooling
  • Quiet and sleek operational design
  • Efficient zoned comfort for maximum savings
  • Improved indoor air quality for better respiratory health
  • Well-rounded home comfort during every season
  • Installation performed safely and quickly with PPE
  • Total home comfort all year long

Get in touch with your local experts at Falmouth Energy for a free quote on the installation of one or more ductless mini-splits in your Cape Cod, Massachusetts home this year!