Solar Power & How It Works

It’s no surprise that alternative energy sources like solar power are growing in popularity for homes and businesses on the Cape and across the globe. From cost savings to environmental protection, there are countless advantages to using renewable power.

How Does Solar Power Work?

When considering making the switch to a greener energy option like solar, consumers want to know the answer to a pretty important question: how does it work?

  • First, photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on your property. These can be placed on your roof or mounted on the ground or on a pole.
  • The PV panels capture natural light—whether sunny or cloudy—which creates direct current electricity.
  • An inverter takes this direct current electricity and transforms it into alternating current electricity; in this form, it is sent to your electrical panel to power lights and appliances as other electricity sources would.
  • Track your energy consumption and the performance of your solar power system with an off-site performance monitoring system (PMRS).
  • Enjoy the savings! According to, the average homeowner saves over $1,000 a year on electricity by installing solar panels on their roof.

Looking for a more energy-efficient way to power your home? Now that you know how solar technology works and how much it can save you, why not request a free quote on an installation? Your local energy experts at Falmouth Energy provide solar power installation and monitoring services to homes and businesses of all types throughout Cape Cod and the Islands, so you can enjoy cleaner, greener energy without the hassle.