Why Every Oil Tank Owner Needs Insurance

Did you know that many Cape Cod homeowner insurance policies don’t cover your oil tank? This could be a bit alarming considering how much you depend on your oil tank for warmth and comfort throughout the cold season. Taking care of your tank should be a priority for every homeowner and with regular inspections. However, even though you do all you can to maintain your tank, there is always risk of a hazard like a leak. After all, corrosion starts from the inside out and is often unnoticed until it’s too late.

So, you get insurance to protect your car, your home—why not your tank as well? You can insure your tank to make sure that your wallet and your tank are covered in case any hazards happen to come along. An oil tank insurance policy will provide coverage in case your tank ruptures or leaks, and considering that there are various ways a tank can become damaged, an insurance policy will typically cover it regardless of the cause.


Extend Your Property Coverage with Falmouth Energy

Having both your tank covered and your property adjacent to the tank covered can surely set your mind at ease if anything were to happen. Property coverage will cover clean-up and the cost of re-soiling where your tank leaked. The cost of an oil tank leak can be highly expensive, and depending on the spill, it can be an environmental disaster, so having a policy cover your property, and ultimately work as an extension of your homeowner’s property insurance, is a great idea.

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The benefits of having insurance to cover your tank are truly endless. Being able to repair or replace your tank, cover the cost of an oil spill clean-up, replenish the soil, and give you peace of mind are just a few of the advantages of opting to insure your tank. At Falmouth we provide oil-heat system repairs and installations and can help you decide whether oil tank coverage is right for your home. Get in touch with the energy pros at Falmouth today to learn more.