New Plumbing Division

Over the past several years it had become apparent to me that Falmouth Energy really needed a full time plumber on staff. It probably began with customers saying they needed a repair or were unable to find a reliable and consistent company to handle their plumbing needs. This rumble seemed to get louder in my head when we began doing gas conversions and generators and were relying on sometimes unreliable subcontractors to do the gas piping and connections. This missing piece to our services was hampering our ability to provide the service level our customers deserve.

In June of 2014 we hired Frank Perry to begin our plumbing division. Frank has held his Masters Plumbing License in Massachusetts since 1987. His decades of experience and excellent customer service skills made him a great choice. Hiring Frank allowed us to no longer rely on subcontractors for gas piping of generators and heating systems. This has resulted in smoother installations for our customers without the need for subcontractors.

No longer relying on subcontractors for gas piping and connections was only part of the reason I felt it was necessary for Falmouth Energy to provide plumbing services. The other reason was to meet the needs of our customers that might have a leaky sink, need a new appliance hooked up, or any other general plumbing need.  In order to do this it was necessary for us to expand our plumbing division even further. To meet this need, we hired Peter Davis to our team in January 2015. Peter has held a plumbing license in Massachusetts since 2006 and has experience in all aspects of residential plumbing. In addition to Peter, we have two apprentice plumbers that work full time at Falmouth Energy.

Today, I can confidently say that Falmouth Energy has a reliable, competitively priced, and talented plumbing division. Frank, Peter, and our two apprentice plumbers are available to handle all of your plumbing needs from new construction to a leaky sink.


Massachusetts Corporate Plumbing License # 10575