5 Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Summer is finally here, and the Fourth of July is right around the corner. The temperature is really starting to go up on Cape Cod, and soon the days will be sweltering hot. Summer in New England comes with a lot of perks. Lush foliage, beach days, holiday cookouts with family and friends, and more. On the more responsible side of things, you might be wondering how you can save on your energy bills this season. Keep reading because we’re here to bring you some tips to save energy this summer and cut your home comfort bill down, so you can keep extra cash in your wallet.

Cut Costs with These Tips

Schedule an A/C tune-up. Getting annual maintenance on your air conditioner comes with plenty of benefits including running at maximum efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and a reduced risk of mid-season breakdowns. This will help your A/C run smoother and work less hard, saving you big time on your energy budget.

Use window treatments to your benefit. Get curtains, shutters, or blinds to help keep the sun and heat out of your home. On a sunny day, it might be tempting to open the curtains or shutters and let the light in, but if it’s hot, it could raise your indoor temperature and make your A/C work harder than it has to. Keep the curtains closed and keep your home cool. It’ll help you save money.

Run your bathroom fans. When you shower or bathe, run the bathroom fan to draw out heat and humidity and keep your home cool.

Cook your meals outdoors. Get grilling and opt to cook your meals outside. Using your kitchen oven during the warm seasons of the year can trap more heat in your home and raise the temperature, making your A/C work harder to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Get a programmable thermostat. Switching from a manual to a programmable thermostat can help you save money all year long. In the summer months, all you have to do to conserve energy is set the thermostat higher during periods when you’re not home or at night when it cools down.

Hopefully, these tips help you save on your home comfort bills all season long. When it’s time for a tune-up or if you have more questions about how you can save energy this summer, just contact us.