Don’t Let This Happen to Your Heating Oil Storage Tank on Cape Cod

Home heating oil is a top fuel choice for homeowners on Cape Cod, Massachusetts—and for good reason! It’s a safe, affordable, abundant fuel, and recent advancements are making it cleaner and greener than ever.

Just like with any home heating fuel, it’s important to be aware of your heating equipment: and there’s one thing you never want to let happen to your home heating oil tank. 

Corroded Tank

Don’t Let Your Oil Tank Corrode to the Point of Leakage 

Oil tanks are hardy and strong and can last many years when properly taken care of. The downside is that when homeowners and business owners neglect their home heating oil tanks over the years, they can corrode and pose the risk for leakage, requiring a costly and stressful oil cleanup. Here’s how to take good care of your oil tank so it lasts for many years. 

How to Take Care of Your Oil Tank: 

  • Keep it full of oil during the off-season to prevent internal corrosion
  • Remove items from around the tank so it has space to ventilate
  • Visually check your oil tank periodically for dark splotches and rusting
  • Have an annual heating system tune-up performed to inspect your tank
  • If your tank is 20 years old (or older), consider a replacement or upgrade

The Best Oil Tanks on the Market 

At Falmouth Energy, we recommend Roth oil tanks. They provide homeowners with unmatched durability, double-walled protection, galvanized steel, and a 30-year warranty. Plus, it’s currently the only home heating oil storage tank on the market with no fittings below the oil line, significantly reducing the likelihood of an oil leak. Homeowners will love its compact design that only takes up 8 square feet, giving you more room in your basement. 

Schedule an Oil Tank Safety Inspection or Get an Estimate on a Replacement Tank 

Falmouth Energy’s team of qualified HVAC technicians will be more than happy to come to inspect your home heating system or give you an estimate on a new Roth tank replacement. Simply give us a call at (508) 548-3200 or contact us online to make sure your home and family are safe and protected with an oil tank that is built to last.