Efficiency Cooling Service Plan on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

We do everything we can to keep home comfort in Massachusetts affordable for our valued customers. If you’d like to increase your home’s protection this summer at an affordable price, consider signing up for our central A/C service plan! Its features will keep you cool at a price your cooling budget will love. Keep reading to see all the benefits of enrolling in our central air conditioning service plan, or contact us to sign up!


Our Central Air Conditioning Service Plan Includes…

  1. Safety Inspection Check
  2. 15-Point Efficiency Tune-Up
  3. 25% OFF Parts & Labor
  4. 24/7 Priority Service
  5. Improved Air Quality


Benefits of a Generator Service Plan

As the price of energy increases, maximizing the efficiency and properly maintaining your equipment will help lower your energy costs. We offer convenient scheduling of your A/C efficiency tune-up which is included with your Efficiency Cooling Service Plan. A Falmouth Energy HVAC expert will ensure that your equipment is running safely, reliably, and at peak efficiency. Falmouth Energy has been serving Cape Cod for over a century, so you can rest assured when the heat arrives, you will be cool and comfortable all summer long.

  • Extend Equipment Life – A properly maintained system will last much longer
  • Increases A/C Reliability – Problems or breakdowns can be avoided with maintenance
  • Maximizes Your Savings – Save more money on repairs with a reliably working system
  • Provides Peace of Mind – Rest assured that your A/C is safe, clean, and efficient


Save 10% with a Multi-Plan Discount

If you’re enrolled in any of our other service plans (like propane, oil, generator, natural gas, propane, or heat pump) you can enroll in our air conditioning service plan and earn 10% off the total cost! Feel free to call our in-office experts to talk about the multi-plan discount.


What Our MA Central A/C Efficiency Tune-Ups Include

During your air conditioning tune-up, we’ll do all of the following to boost your efficiency and save you money!

  1. Open air handler and inspect evaporative coil (clean as required)
  2. Replace standard air filters
  3. Inspect blower drive belt and adjust tension
  4. Clean and check condensate drain, pump, and discharge
  5. Check and record blower voltage and amperage
  6. Inspect and lubricate sheaves, pulleys, and drive bearings as required
  7. Lubricate blower motor, condenser motor, and cooling fan motor
  8. Inspect outside condenser coil (clean as required)
  9. Inspect and test condenser relays, contractors, and transformers
  10. Inspect and service condenser fan motor
  11. Check and record condenser fan motor voltage and amperage
  12. Check refrigerant pressures and superheat (adjust as required)
  13. Start air handler, test air flows and temperature delta through unit
  14. Check operating controls for proper operation
  15. Record operating and service data

Give us a call to learn more or sign up today! (508) 548-3200