Cool Summer Comfort with an A/C Service Plan

Here on the Cape, Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off to summer. Before the long weekend rolls around, make sure your home cooling equipment is delivering the comfort you need. Enrolling in an A/C Service Plan is the best way to protect your cooling system investment.

Long Term Benefits From Season to Season

When considering a service plan for your cooling system, take note of what’s included. Most plans on the market offer an annual system tune-up, safety inspection, priority service, and even discounts on service work. A combination of these services can result in valuable perks down the road:

Equipment Longevity

Normal usage and general wear can make your cooling system work harder. This can take a toll on motors, fans, and other moving parts. Regular maintenance from a certified technician will keep your current system running smoothly and reduce the risk of mid-season breakdowns.

Efficiency Savings

Less energy used means less money spent. Maintenance included in your plan will keep your cooling system operating at peak performance and lower your energy bills. If an issue comes up, no sweat! The savings continues with discounts on parts and labor.

Improved Air Quality

Whether you have central air conditioning or a ductless mini-split system, airborne dirt and debris will clog filters over time. Care included in your service plan, like inspection and tune-ups, maintains system cleanliness so that you and your family will breathe easy, literally.

Worry-Free Comfort

Home comfort extends beyond cool temps on a hot summer day. When an HVAC specialist conducts your annual tune-up, you can trust that your system is running safely. Should any repairs be required, your service plan provides around-the-clock support to get things up and running with ease.

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Chill out and stay cool all summer long with a service plan for your central air conditioning or ductless mini-split system. Contact your local HVAC experts to learn more or sign up today.