Choosing a Double-Wall Oil Tank

Spring is still a while away in Cape Cod, but you may be thinking about the HVAC maintenance tasks you’ll have on your to-do list when the season gets here. One item on your to-do list might be taking a good look at your oil tank. Hopefully, you inspect it on a regular basis for corrosion and other problems, but you may be thinking it’s time for a replacement. If you are, one type of tank to consider is a double-wall oil tank.

Top Advantages of Getting a Double-Wall Oil Tank on Cape Cod:

These tanks are modern and are a great alternative to traditional steel tanks. These tanks have an internal plastic tank surrounded by a metal tank on the outside. Read on to learn about the advantages of a double-wall oil tank from the experts at Falmouth Energy.


Leak Resistant

Because the tank is double walled, if there is ever a leak from the inner plastic tank, it will be caught by the outer tank. This means your environment and space are better protected from leaks and spills, which can be a costly mess to clean up. The outer tank is created with rust-free materials, heavily guarding against leaks, and the inner tank is also corrosion proof, so you should never have a problem with leaks anyway.


Weather Resistant

If you keep your tank outside, you don’t have to worry about weather. The double-wall tank is protected by two layers—giving you the added benefit of keeping rainwater out.


Rust Resistant

Most storage tanks rust from the inside out, but double-wall oil tanks are rust free on the inside and the outside. Moist air condenses internally and causes corrosion on the inside of single-wall steel tanks, but doubled-wall tanks have rust-resistant protection.

Choose Falmouth Energy for Oil Tank Installations on Cape Cod

Choosing a double-wall oil tank is a smart and responsible decision to protect your home, family, and wallet. These tanks are one of the most reliable and safest types of tanks on the market, and they use modern technology for maximum storage and minimum space requirements. Falmouth Energy is proud to offer installations of these types of oil tanks for our Cape Cod, MA customers. If you’re considering a double-wall tank, contact us today to learn more.