4 Reasons Why MA Homeowners Need an A/C Service Plan

Temperatures are on the upswing in Southern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, and you and your family might be gearing up for a summer of swimming, outdoor barbeques, and trips to the local ice cream shop. Another thing to consider to maximize your fun and comfort this summer is enrolling in a Falmouth Energy Cooling Service Plan.

We at Falmouth know you count on your A/C to run smoothly this summer, and our Energy Efficiency Cooling Service Plan was designed with those needs in mind. It helps improve operating efficiency, increases your comfort, and saves your money. Keep reading to learn the top four reasons Massachusetts homeowners choose a Falmouth A/C service plan.

Why Sign up for an A/C Service plan

Keep Money in Your Pocket

At Falmouth Energy, we work hard to prioritize the comfort of our valued customers above our bottom line, and our A/C service plan is an example of that commitment. The safety inspection and complimentary tune-up included in our Cooling Service Plan helps to maximize your system’s efficiency, so it doesn’t have to use as much energy to cool your home. This alone keeps money in your pocket; however, the A/C service plan goes further than that. When you enroll in a service plan, you also receive discounts on parts and labor. What’s not to love?

Decrease the Chance of an Expensive Breakdown

Regular maintenance of your equipment can prolong its life and help catch little issues before they become big, expensive problems. When you enroll in our A/C service plan, your annual tune-up is on us. We will perform a 15-point efficiency tune-up each year to help you avoid unforeseen and expensive breakdowns.

Maximize Your Comfort

A well-maintained system cools your home better and faster. Our Cooling Service Plan maximizes the efficiency of your unit, so you can escape the heat of a Massachusetts summer.

Enjoy Priority Service

Customers with a Falmouth Energy Efficiency Cooling Service Plan enjoy 24/7 priority service. If anything goes wrong, you can contact us any time of the day or night, and one of our expert technicians will be there to help as soon as possible.

Contact Falmouth Energy Today and Stay Cool All Summer

When you consider all the benefits of our service plans, signing up makes too much sense. Contact Falmouth Energy today to learn more about all our Cooling Service Plan has to offer, and enjoy the increased savings and comfort all season long.