We’re Moving to B20 Bioheat® Fuel! Learn What That Means for You

As of December 1st, Falmouth Energy is pleased to announce that we have moved to B20 Bioheat® fuel delivery for our valued fuel oil customers. If you are a will-call or automatic oil delivery customer, you can look forward to all the benefits that B20 Bioheat® fuel has to offer. Here’s what you can expect as we move into delivering this new and improved fuel blend.

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What is B20 Bioheat® fuel?

Bioheat® fuel is a heating blend produced from a mix of standard #2 heating oil and renewable resources like soybean oil for a cleaner burn. B20 means that the blend includes 20% biodiesel and 80% fuel oil—a higher renewable ratio than most other providers in our area! Manufactured domestically, it also helps boost the US economy by creating jobs and supporting local businesses. The fuel lowers greenhouse gas emissions and improves the operation of your heating system.

How does B20 affect my Cape Cod fuel oil usage?

Our B20 fuel will help your heating system run more cleanly with less sediment buildup and fewer environmental emissions. This will make your carbon footprint smaller and can help you feel great about the source of your home’s heat and hot water.

What are the benefits of B20 Bioheat® fuel?

A variety of benefits come with the use of our B20 fuel! These include both benefits for you, the consumer, and Cape Cod as a whole:

Benefits for You

  • Burns cleaner to help your system operate at peak efficiency
  • Helps reduce sediment buildup in your furnace or boiler
  • Provides a more efficient burn for reduced oil consumption
  • Helps extend the lifespan of your heating equipment

Benefits for the Environment

  • Lower emissions reduce carbon footprint
  • Promote better local air quality
  • Biodegrades quickly
  • Virtually free of sulfur content

Why did Falmouth Energy switch to delivering B20 Bioheat® fuel?

We take pride in delivering fuel that does more for your heating equipment, your budget, and our environment. The oil we deliver to your home is eco-friendly Bioheat, a cleaner, greener energy source for your warmth and comfort each winter.

How can I order B20 Bioheat® fuel for my Southeastern Massachusetts home?

It’s simple—all you have to do is click here to place your B20 order through our secure online portal. Or, if you’d like to simplify your Cape Cod B20 fuel orders, sign up for our no-cost automatic fuel delivery service! We love providing your Massachusetts home with premium fuel oil delivery at a great price.