3 Advantages of Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance in MA

It was a long, cold winter here in Greater Falmouth, MA, but now that spring is here, we can finally start to enjoy some warmer temperatures and sunnier weather. No matter how unpredictable early spring in Massachusetts can be, one thing is for sure— summer is well on its way. If you keep cool with central or ductless air conditioning, don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your tune-up. Find out why making this essential home comfort appointment is crucial this time of year. Here are the top three benefits of scheduling your A/C’s preventative maintenance annually.

Top 3 Advantages of Scheduling Your Annual A/C Tune-Up

1: Your System Will Be Prepped for Summer

During the hottest months of the summers here on Cape Cod, your central or ductless air conditioning system will be working overtime to keep your family comfortable. A spring tune-up will make sure it’s up to the challenge. This also gives your HVAC professional time to inspect the overall integrity of your equipment and make any necessary replacements or repairs before temperatures start to rise. Keep in mind that our A/C service plan includes your annual tune-up and will cover a variety of other repair circumstances that you may experience.

2: You’ll Reap All These Benefits

Expert air conditioning maintenance even just once a year can significantly improve any air conditioning system. The sooner you schedule annual service, the sooner you can start enjoying all the rewards of these important preventative maintenance appointments, including:

  • Reduced risk of midseason breakdowns
  • Extended equipment lifespan
  • Maintained manufacturer’s warranty
  • Increased MA home comfort
  • Improved efficiency and safety
  • Lower summer cooling costs

3: Receive Priority Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling your tune-up in advance also greatly increases the probability that you will receive an appointment slot that fits best with your busy schedule. If you wait, you may find yourself with only one appointment option after a long line of other customers—this happens most frequently when customers wait until the fall rolls around to schedule their appointments. Booking now is your best bet.

Cape Cod’s Top Air Conditioning Maintenance Pros: Falmouth Energy

The Massachusetts summer season really kicks off on Memorial Day, which is right around the corner. Once you have your air conditioning tune-up checked off your to-do list, the summer fun really begins. Get in touch with Falmouth Energy today to schedule your spring A/C tune-up.