A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep: Stay Warm with Bioheat®

New Year’s resolutions are often made with best intentions and end up quickly broken. But resolving to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter is one you keep year after year with Bioheat.

Bioheat fuel is a blend of traditional home heating oil and eco-friendly biodiesel that provides many consumer and environmental benefits. In addition to keeping your home warm despite the frigid New England winter weather, here are some other resolutions you can keep with Bioheat:

Resolve to Stay Safe

Just like traditional home heating oil, Bioheat is a safe fuel to use in your home. Unlike propane or natural gas, Bioheat is non-explosive in nature. It will also produce visible warning signs should your heating system malfunction, which can help reduce the risk of exposure to carbon monoxide. Bioheat is also a safe fuel for the environment, producing a near-zero level of emissions.

Resolve to Be Efficient

Because it’s a cleaner-burning fuel, Bioheat performs efficiently in your system. It takes less fuel to heat your home, reducing consumption and your fuel bills! Bioheat can also improve the lifespan of your heating equipment, providing efficiencies for years to come.

Resolve to Keep It Local

Bioheat is a domestic fuel, which reduces our dependency on foreign oil. And because biodiesel is made from natural byproducts such as soybean oil, using Bioheat boosts our dependency on local farms, creating more jobs across the country.

Resolve to Keep Things Simple

If you’re a Falmouth Energy customer, you’re already enjoying the benefits of Bioheat in your home! No need to take any further action—just sit back and relax knowing that you can keep your 2017 resolutions with Bioheat fuel in your tank.

Learn more about Falmouth Energy’s Bioheat fuel delivery service and enjoy worry-free home heating this winter. Contact us to schedule your delivery today!