A Few Simple Steps to Energy Savings

While purchasing high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment will help you save money on costly utilities, there are a number of other easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and lower energy bills. Most of these steps cost very little—and the resulting savings can be significant over time.

How to Lower Your Cape Cod Energy Bills:

  1. Turn down your thermostat. During summer, set thermostats at 78° F during daytime hours, and rely on open windows too cool off your home at night. Set thermostats on 68° F during winter days—and lower them to 55 – 60° F at night. As a general rule of thumb, you can save about three percent on your HVAC bill by raising the thermostat one degree during summer or lowering it one degree during winter.
  2. Use sunlight wisely by opening window coverings on winter days and closing them during summer AC use. Consider insulated or blackout blinds for optimal summer energy savings.
  3. Change HVAC air filters. Check filters every month during high-usage times. Change them each month, if necessary, and never go more than three months without filter replacement. Dirty filters require your HVAC system to work harder to keep you comfortable, which inflates your energy bill and decreases system lifespan.
  4. Schedule a free energy audit. You may be eligible for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment from MassSave. During the visit, an energy expert will review your home and discuss how to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.
  5. Don’t neglect system tune-ups. Routine HVAC maintenance (once during cooling season, once during heating season) allows technicians to pinpoint issues before they become costly repairs. Studies indicate that neglected systems lead to reduced performance and early breakdowns.

To learn more about saving money on home energy bills while reducing emissions, call Falmouth Energy today. Specializing in HVAC solutions, our team provides no-obligation consultations when it’s time for a new or upgraded HVAC system. Falmouth Energy is also a solar specialist: tailoring renewable energy solutions to your comfort and budget requirements. To learn more, call 508-548-3200 today or contact us online.