5 Ways to Save Energy This Spring

After back-to-back Nor’easters, it’s safe to say Cape Cod homeowners are ready to “spring forward” and say goodbye to winter. Now is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for warmer weather. This season, why not add these easy steps to your spring cleaning checklist to save energy and money? Here are five simple tips to get started:

The Top Energy Saving Methods You Need to Consider This Spring:

1. Call to schedule your A/C tune-up

Annual maintenance for your air conditioning system is essential. It keeps your equipment running smoothly, extends its lifespan, and can even help reduce the likelihood of a midseason breakdown. The best part? A tune-up from your local cooling specialist will also lower your energy costs and maximize your system’s efficiency.

Don’t have a high-efficiency A/C system in your home? Upgrading from energy-sucking window units can improve your comfort and reduce your energy use.

2. Invest in window treatments

If you don’t already use curtains or blinds in your home, this simple décor upgrade can deliver significant energy savings. Keep window treatments closed on hot, sunny days to prevent the sun’s rays from naturally raising your home’s indoor temperature. This will help avoid the need to turn on your A/C in the springtime and prevent your equipment from overworking during the hottest months.

3. Seal air leaks

Have you checked your doors and windows for any drafts lately? Air leaks in these areas can cause precious indoor air to escape and allow outdoor air to enter your home.

4. Install a programmable thermostat

You can reduce your energy usage further by swapping your manual thermostat for a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat. Setting your thermostat to automatically adjust when your family is out of the house will help your A/C work smarter, not harder, and lower your energy bills.

5. Use your ceiling fans

Don’t under estimate the power of your ceiling fan. Using your ceiling fan together with your air conditioning can actually raise the thermostat’s temperature by four degrees without affecting the room’s comfort level. Just remember to turn off the ceiling fan when you leave the room!

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Let the experts at Falmouth Energy help you get ready before the next big thaw. Contact us for more energy-saving tips and to schedule your A/C tune-up before the summer rush!