Secure Your Home with a Generator

On the coast, we get lots of crazy and unpredictable weather. Cape Cod residents can secure their homes with a gas-powered generator. With a backup generator, you can rest easy knowing that your essential home appliances (like your heating system and refrigerator) won’t be out of commission when the power goes out.

Benefits of a Generator 

  • Keep Your Family Safe
    Nobody likes to lose power, but inconvenience isn’t the only downside to a power outage. Safety is also put at risk when the lights and heat shut off. Your home should be the safest environment for your family, not a dangerous one. To keep all of your family in a safe, pleasant place to be, you can have a generator installed to automatically kick on if you lose electricity.
  • Protect Your Home
    Your home is your biggest investment! Protect it from voltage fluctuations and power surges that could be the result of the power flickering on and off. Having a generator also helps to protect your valuables from being ruined during a storm.
  • Stay Warm
    If you’re stuck in the middle of a Cape Cod winter storm without power, you won’t be able to turn on your heat. This causes discomfort, and it could also damage and burst your water pipes, resulting in costly repairs.
  • Get Fast Delivery of Backup Power
    Many generators can be installed to automatically turn on when the power goes off. While you should always review the safety manual, advanced technology allows them to be used safely and simply.

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Protect Your Home

Ensure your home’s comfort and safety this year with a Falmouth Energy generator! We’d love to give you more information on our generators.  To schedule a no-obligation generator consultation or estimate, contact our team online today.