Efficiency Generator Service Plan in Greater Falmouth, Massachusetts

Here at Falmouth Energy, everything we do is with your best interest in mind! We offer a generator service plan to keep your Massachusetts heating equipment running smoothly, your home comfort affordable, and your wallet happy. Keep reading to see all the benefits of enrolling in our generator service plan, or contact us to sign up today!


Our Generator Service Plan Includes…

  1. Safety Inspection Check
  2. 18-Point Efficiency Tune-Up
  3. 25% OFF Parts & Labor
  4. 24/7 Priority Service

Benefits of a Generator Service Plan

  • Extends Generator Life – A properly maintained generator can last twice as long
  • Increases System Reliability – Problems or breakdowns can be avoided by proper maintenance
  • Maximizes Your Savings – Save more money on repairs with a reliably working generator
  • Provides Peace of Mind – Rest assured that your system is safe, clean, and efficient


Combine Our HVAC Service Plans & Save 10%

If you’re enrolled in any of our other service plans, you can enroll in our generator service plan and save 10% on the total cost! Feel free to call our in-office experts to talk about the multi-plan discount, which includes all of the following options.

Mix and Match…

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heat Pump
  • Heating Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane


What Our MA Generator Tune-Ups Include

During your tune-up, we’ll do all of the following to boost your efficiency and save you money on fuel!

  • Change your oil and filter
  • Inspect air filter
  • Replace spark plug
  • Inspect spark plug wires
  • Inspect battery cable and terminal ends
  • Test battery for holding charge
  • Inspect battery trickle circuit
  • Inspect fuel lines and connections
  • Measure and adjust gas pressure
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Measure output voltage and hertz
  • Set exercise cycle
  • Test transfer switch operations
  • Check general conditions
  • Inspect drive belts and pullies
  • Inspect all hoses
  • Check coolant
  • Check and record all gauges and timer readings

Give us a call to learn more or enroll! (508) 548-3200